Wednesday 29th March 2017

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    UP Elections 2017- Striking Similarities with 1984 and 1971

    (14.03.2017) Paul R Brass, academic and political analyst, had written elaborately about 1984 elections. Today, re reading his article on 1984 elections is quite revealing. ...

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    Time to Introspect

    (11.03.2017) : Caste based identities in UP had stopped the Hindutva politics on its tracks for almost two decades during 1993-2014. However, the new face Hindutva, with tactical social re engineering and riding on the negative impact of ...

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    Countering the Politics of Anti-Knowledge

    New Delhi (06.03.2017) : (Dr.Abhijit Kundu writes on the recent violence and counter rallies in University of Delhi campus from the point of view of a participant observer. Dr. Kundu who teaches Sociology in Delhi University is a former student leader in JNU.)...

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    State in Conflict With Its Own Machinery

    (02.03.2017) A leader, when she or he finds that popularity is waning, adopts the strategy of quarrelling with his tools, namely, the state machinery itself. This happened on many occasions in different countries....

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    The New Political Discourse in Uttar Pradesh

    (24.02.2017) There are comments that the electoral discourse in Uttar Pradesh has descended to abysmally low levels. Whatever that be, the narrative that is emerging indicates that the grammar of social engineering since mid 1960s has undergone a metamorphosis This will have long run impact on the secular and democratic fabric, though not getting the attention it deserves ...

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    Rohith’s Fight Will Not Go in Vain : Sunkanna Velpula

    (17.01.2017) : Sunkanna Velpula was instrumental in bringing Rohith Vemula to the fold of Ambedkarite politics. Velpula, one of the prominent leaders of Ambedkar Students Association...

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    Topsy Turvy Land

    The arguments, many had advanced against new-liberal onslaught on democratic institutions have now to be turned on their head, ...

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    Throwing light on corrupt acts- Beyond the Prime Time Boundaries

    (09-01-17) : For a change, officials at the top of the hierarchy are facing vigilance probes. Till now, the might of the state, mostly or entirely fell on those who had little voice to protest....

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    New and newer lessons in economics and politics are being dished out every day by persons of various hues. The intention here is not to name them and attack, nor to add another page to these lessons. But we need to unlearn a few things taught in recent discourses. Let us take a few minutes to have a preliminary check of the Hypotheses that are being floated. ...

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    Some Doubts that Linger on

    The address to the nation by the Prime Minister has left some lingering doubts. There is no gainsaying about the fact that the government has the Constitutional right to spend and to tax. It can also borrow. But spending and taxing are done through a budgetary process....


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